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Oikos Kids

Oikos Kids at the Oikos Gathering

On Sundays at the Oikos Gathering, we seek to integrate kids into our life of worship together and to instruct them in age-appropriate teaching.  

Multigenerational Worship

Each week, we will gather for worship, prayer, and the table, where kids are encouraged to participate. We love to have kids actively worshipping with their families, and for their families to be supported by their extended family of faith. A Family Room and Mothers Room are available for those who need to step out.

Age-Appropriate Teaching 

During the teaching, kids up to 6th grade will be dismissed to age-specific class environments downstairs. 


Oikos Kids Safety

Oikos Church takes seriously Christ’s call to provide children safe opportunities to grow as his disciples (Matthew 18:6). We require applications and background checks from each volunteer worker. You can review these here.

Oikos Kids in Oikos Groups

We want our Oikos Groups to be extended families of faith. We envision spiritual mothers and fathers who come to know and love the kids in the group. We envision kids learning to know and love Jesus by being with this family of faith. Oikos Groups will worship, eat, play, study, and serve together in a weekly rhythm where kids are often involved. 

Marks of Maturity

At Oikos, we measure progress based on habits of discipleship. Success in Oikos Kids is connected to each child learning to follow Jesus in their Up, In, and Out life. We seek for kids (and their families!) to grow in the Transforming GRACES—Give thanks; Reflect on the Word; Ask deeper questions; Commune with God; Eat together; and Serve your neighbor.

About Oikos Kids

Oikos Kids is the ministry pathway for newborns up to 6th grade. The mission of Oikos Kids is to see children deeply transformed by God’s grace through the gospel of King Jesus. 

What does that look like? We seek to create safe, gracious environments for kids to develop lifelong habits of discipleship to Jesus (Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Matthew 19:13-14).

Our values shape how we minister to children.

  • Spirit-Led Movement. We seek to equip kids to grow in their hearing and doing with God through rich prayer lives (Matthew 7:24-27).

  • Renewed Identity. We seek to catechize kids against the world’s identities and into their gospel identities (Colossians 3:1-17).

  • Beloved Family. We seek to integrate kids into the life of Oikos Church, where they can be known and loved by God’s multigenerational family (Titus 2:1-15).

  • Holistic Ministry. We seek to equip parents and families to involve kids in missional and table-centered ministry (Ephesians 6:1-4).

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