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Oikos Groups

About Oikos Groups

Oikos Groups are multigenerational groups that meet regularly in their local neighborhoods and networks to practice a rhythm of life called the Transforming GRACES:

  • Give thanks

  • Reflect on the Word

  • Ask deeper questions

  • Commune with God

  • Eat together

  • Serve your neighbor

Oikos Groups meet in East Memphis and Midtown, Bartlett and Cordova, and Germantown and Collierville, and more groups are always being set up so that families have an easily accessible group to attend.

A rhythm of life together

Many of the events of Oikos Groups take place around tables and meal time, which provides a more comfortable environment for inviting friends and family to gather, encourage, and worship together.

Each month, Oikos Groups follow a rhythm of activities:

  • Worship

  • Eat and play

  • Pray and reflect

Worship: The first Sunday of every month is spent worshipping in homes at the Oikos Groups. A group also meets at the Gathering Place -- so please come visit any time! Families sing, pray, read Scripture, and take Communion together and then often spend the afternoon eating and playing.

Eat and play: One day during the month, an Oikos Group will get together just to play and celebrate God's good Creation. This is a great time to invite friends and family to relax together and encourage one another.

Pray and reflect: One evening during the month, the adults of an Oikos Group will gather (without kids) to spend time sharing thanksgivings and challenges, praying and inviting God's Spirit into our lives, and reading and discussing Scripture or topics of spiritual formation.

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