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Freedom Prayer

What Is Freedom Prayer?

Freedom Prayer is a guided conversation with the Lord where participants can explore difficult emotions and challenges in a relaxing, confidential environment.​

How does Freedom Prayer work?

Three leads guide the session. Lead 1 provides prompts and "repeat aloud" suggestions to the participant. Lead 2 listens and prays and helps provide notes to lead 1, and lead 3 listens, prays, and writes a transcript of the session to provide to the participant at the end. Throughout the prayer, the participant prays and reports aloud their thoughts, images, and memories that come to their mind.

Is Freedom Prayer confidential?

Yes! Our Freedom Prayer team is required to attend annual training and to participate in their own Freedom Prayer and is held to strict confidentiality to respect and protect participants.

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Where can I learn more about Freedom Prayer?



Freedom Resource, the organization supporting Freedom Prayer Ministry, offers testimonials, videos, sermons, training, and more to help answer questions and help prepare both participants and leaders for their Freedom Prayer sessions.

Request A Prayer Time

To schedule a prayer time, fill out a request form. Someone from our prayer team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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