Why Memphis?

Why Memphis?
We have four main reasons for planting in Memphis.

1. Our calling to the city of Memphis. 

We love Memphis; it’s home. God has been working and moving in our lives to prepare us to minister in this city.


2. The strategic opportunity of the city. 

With its size, cultural influence, and educational institutions, Memphis has enormous potential for kingdom impact in the Mid-South and beyond.


3. The welfare of the city. 

A new church committed to the good of Memphis can help bring the unique resources of the gospel to bear on the city’s most complicated and enduring challenges, such as race, poverty, families, and migration.


4. The need for spiritual renewal in the city. 

Memphis has many unchurched (and churched!) people in need of the saving gospel of King Jesus and the power of the Spirit, particularly in the University District and among younger generations throughout the city.