Our Mission
To see people deeply transformed by God's grace through the gospel of King Jesus 

in Memphis, to the ends of the earth.

Deeply Transformed

We’re being transformed by the Spirit into the image of King Jesus. This deep transformation requires a humble, vulnerable openness to the Spirit, alongside a dedicated commitment to spiritual disciplines within community. At Oikos, we seek to be transformed by God's grace through a missional rhythm of life we call The Transforming GRACES—Give thanks, Reflect on the Word, Ask deeper questions, Commune with God, Eat together, and Serve your neighbor. 

God's Grace

Grace is the undeserved gift of God to the unworthy. It is unmerited. It is not given because we are righteous, but because He is. At Oikos, grace is freely received and freely given. Our entire vision for ministry rests on God’s grace.

The Gospel of King Jesus

The gospel is that Jesus is the saving King. At Oikos, we proclaim privately and publicly, as we gather and scatter, that Jesus is King. We call people to repent and follow him. We orient our days, weeks, and years around the gospel.

Memphis, to the Ends of the Earth

Our strategy moves from Memphis, to the Mid-South, to all nations. At Oikos, we prioritize the city of Memphis in our ministries, while also seeking to influence Shelby County, the Mid-South, and the world through training, equipping, and sending out for greater works than these.